Coral Reef Picture – National Geographic Photo of the Day

Coral Reef Picture — Ocean Wallpaper — National Geographic Photo of the Day.

Coral Reef, Honduras

Photograph by Jessica Karcz, Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: The Stories Behind Your Shots

After snorkeling with my family in the breathtaking coral reefs of Roatan, Honduras, I sat outside the balcony of the cruise ship we were traveling on to admire the life and beauty of the ocean. I took the photo with a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm lens while the boat was lifting the anchors of the cruise ship just before we sailed away. —Jessica Karcz


San Francisco Naturalist Society Beach Cleanup 1-12-13

I joined the San Francisco Naturalist Society for their first beach cleanup on Saturday.  We started at noon at the end of Tarval on Ocean Beach all the way to the Beach Chalet Brewery and Restaurant. It was great to not only be cleaning up my local beach but my neighborhood. I am very lucky to live so close to the ocean and see it everyday.

View from my apartment looking down at Ocean Beach.

View from my street as I walk down to Ocean Beach.

The weather was phenomenal and sunny all day.  We were all overdressed and actually saw people out in tank tops and shorts in January!   It was a perfect day for a beach cleanup!

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California.

The SF Naturalist Society plans to have another one next winter and the motto is always the more the merrier. Apparently not many organizations do beach cleanups during this month but the Winter swells bring in a lot of debris and litter perfect for beachcombing. We found just about everything you could imagine on the beach Saturday from shoes, liquor bottles, straws, plastic rockets, cigarettes, plastic cigar tips, Christmas trees, hats, fishing string and the list goes on!  I just have to say really why do we need straws? Some people even brought home some souvenirs.  We followed up our hard work with plenty of beers out back at the Beach Chalet.  Good work team!  And a good team indeed.  You meet good people when you do good things!  Thank you Patrick and Jill for inviting me!

Beach Chalet beers after a hard days work!

Beach Chalet beers after a hard days work!

To learn more about the San Francisco Naturalist Society and their activities, which also include monthly meetings/seminars at the Randall Museum ( please see their website: 

The San Francisco Naturalist Society is dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of the natural world.

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